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Archive of posts tagged VBA Advanced

In an userform list all available fonts

The motivation for this tip was to share how to 1) dynamically add controls to a userform 2) respond to events for these controls, and 3) specifically respond to events using a callback procedure that is located in another class module! Since this may come across as a fairly technical topic, this tip utilizes the […]

ByVal or ByRef Parameters

Procedure arguments, either for a subroutine or a function, are declared either as ByVal or ByRef. The use of ByVal means that the called procedure does not want to change the value of the argument passed to it whereas the use of ByRef means that the called procedure may change the value. This note looks […]

Extend an object’s attributes to coordinate multiple userform controls

This was motivated by a question in the forum. The person asking for help had multiple comboboxes in a userform, each of which contained the same items, A through L for the purpose of this exercise. These items were sorted alphabetically. He wanted that when the user selected an item in any of the […]