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In an userform list all available fonts

The motivation for this tip was to share how to 1) dynamically add controls to a userform 2) respond to events for these controls, and 3) specifically respond to events using a callback procedure that is located in another class module! Since this may come across as a fairly technical topic, this tip utilizes the […]

Extend an object’s attributes to coordinate multiple userform controls

This was motivated by a question in the forum. The person asking for help had multiple comboboxes in a userform, each of which contained the same items, A through L for the purpose of this exercise. These items were sorted alphabetically. He wanted that when the user selected an item in any of the […]

Distributing controls in a userform

On many occasions there is a need to lay out controls horizontally in a userform so that they are equally spaced and, as a group, centered within the userform. An example is the group of three buttons (OK, Cancel, and Help) in the userform below. The worksheet below calculates the left position of each of […]