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Archive of posts tagged PivotTable

Introducing TM Retro Slicer

Those who have used a slicer in Excel 2010 slicer may want to see that capability in earlier versions of Excel. I like what Microsoft did with slicers in 2010 and have wanted to extend that capability backwards. For those who haven’t used a slicer, it is a filter on a particular pivot field shown […]

Slicer or Data Validation list

This note documents a somewhat creative – and I suspect an unintended – way of using a slicer. A slicer is a control element introduced with Excel 2010. It is a large easy-to-use control to filter the results of one PivotTable or even multiple PivotTables. I like the UI look-and-feel of a Slicer and decided […]

TM PivotTable Dashboard

A client wanted to visualize a table of data with a dashboard where each chart represented specific information in the table. I had two choices: 1) Develop a client-specific solution and charge the client the entire development cost, or 2) develop a more general solution, market it to a broader customer base and charge the […]