1. I wrote this morning that I can’t link charts to AutoChart. Worked fine for one chart yesterday and then hasn’t worked since. when I select a chart the fields were cell links are placed are not accessible.

  2. Hi Brian,

    The fields for the cell links for a particular axis are enabled only if the chart supports numeric values for that axis. Maybe, that is the issue with the chart you are using. Also, you may want to ensure you are using the latest version of the add-in.

  3. I used the tool to reference relevant axis scale parameters to cell values, which worked well.
    However, the references do not get saved. So if I want to paste new data and have new axis scale parameters I have to reference them again even though they are pasted into the same cells as before.

    • R Masani:

      In optimizing some code in the previous version of the add-in I inadvertently introduced a bug that resulted in the settings not being saved under certain circumstances.

      The current version of the add-in, which you can download from the website, fixes that problem.

  4. This is a very handy add-in. I have come across a slight (and rather strange) bug I believe — maybe my bug. The add-in works fine, but a spreadsheet that has been working for years now throws a run-time error 13 on Application.Quit (!).

    If I disable TM AutoChart everything runs fine. Any thoughts on this? Thanks.

    PS I guess I could just disable/enable TM AutoChart in VBA …

    • Hi John: TM Autochart is designed to be self-contained and not have any dependencies on other add-ins. Of course, it is possible there is a bug in it and I am happy to look into the possibility.

      Would it be possible for you to share the workbook that has the error on the Application.Quit?

      • It’s huge and has some propriety things in it as well as a lot of dependencies. I will see if I can scale it down and still reproduce the error. For now, I have disabled AutoChart in the line before Application.Quit and that seems to work. Thanks.

  5. Hello,
    I’ve installed the trial version of the Add-In and I have to say it works perfectly well. Well done! As a company we’re considering purchasing licenses. However, I’d like to ask you something:
    We’re uploading our excel charts on Sharepoint 2010. Do you know if the Add-In will work on that? Can I install the addin to the Excel from the server? Do you have a separate version of the addin for that?

    • Hi Nikitas: Thank you for the compliment.

      As far as SharePoint goes, while I don’t have an installation to test with, AFAIK, Microsoft has disallowed VBA add-ins on the server, allowing only .Net add-ins. So, TM AutoChart will not work on the server.

      Of course, if someone were to checkout the file (or otherwise download it to their local computer) and they had the TM AutoChart installed on their computer, they would benefit from the add-in’s capabilities.

  6. Dear Sir,
    AutoChart has been working fine for me, but I cannot find a way to remove the AutoChart features from a spreadsheet where I no longer want them. I have tried clearing the cell references as per the Help file (v3.5) but the cell references just reappear again. IF I set all cell references to blank, then ‘OK’ does not close down the AutoChart window.

    Please could you advise?


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