TM Timer for PowerPoint

TM Timer for Microsoft PowerPoint version 3.5 supports Microsoft® PowerPoint® 2010 including the 64 bit version.

2010 2007 2003

The timer add-in requires PowerPoint 2000 (or later ).

The add-in provides 3 different types of time displays, though only one is active at any given time. During a slideshow, it can:

1. show the current time
2. display the presentation elapsed time
3. or, count down the time remaining for the presentation. In addition, and optionally, it can terminate the presentation at the end of a separately configurable grace period.

Various parameters are easily customized.


  1. A known issue is that the timer does not display the correct time when one uses the PowerPoint ‘Back’ feature to return to a slide. The reason for this is that PowerPoint does not inform the add-in that the slideshow has moved backwards to the current slide.

    I hope to find a workaround to this problem but I don’t have a schedule for it.

  2. From an email from Michael R:

    Hi, I have been looking for a Powerpoint Countdown Tmer and found yours while googling.

    I tried it and I must say that it is a good product.

    Just one problem I am facing …..

    Each time I close the powerpoint file all timer settings are lost. So I have to go to the TM ribbon and set it again.

    Is this a bug?



  3. Thank you very much for your work, well done on the add in, however I have some issues with. I want to use the timer to time children on a quiz I make on a ppt slide thus every slide must start with its own count down timer. This should be activated either automatically on slide show, or on mouse clicking.

    The counter also forces me to display four zeros if I only want to have 59 seconds slides. No zeros are needed if the counter is counting down by the second or similar.

    Would be much appreciated your twicking these things if you happened to have the time.

    For now thank you.

    • Hi Nicolas,

      The TM Timer for PowerPoint is designed for use across the entire presentation and not on a single slide.

      While it might seem simple, the ‘behind the scenes’ architecture and code for the 2 scenarios are very different.

      I am working on a new add-in that will support timers on individual slides. This will work for your requirement that the timer start anew on each slide.

  4. I use the timer to show when a webinar will start as many people get confused as to the start time when time zones are involved. I start the webinar an hour early and use the clock to show when the webinar will start. It would be nice to have an am/pm option to help those who have difficulty with the 24 hour format.

    • Thank you for your comment, Mark. I hope to include some format capabilities in a future version of the add-in, though no promises on when or even if.

      The plan is to include a customizable format for the time display. A key issue that I have to resolve is how to ensure that the custom format provided by the consumer actually works for the specified time display.

  5. Hello Tusher,

    Is the any way to allow 2 of the same timers on one page? I have a seller and a buyer image on one page and I need to timer to appear on each image on the same slide. Can this be done?



    • Hi Josh,

      This add-in, by design, shows a single across the entire slideshow. I am working on a complementary product that will include up to 20 independent timers per slide. In this new product the timers will *not* carry over to the next slide.

    • The original design of the timer was so that it would work across the entire slide show. I’ve received a few requests for the timer to reset itself after each slide.

      I have some open issues before I can decide whether to undertake the necessary design changes.

      For the time-of-day display there would be no difference between ‘per slide’ and the ‘per slideshow.’

      For the elapsed time display, I imagine the display would be the elapsed time of the slide.

      For the countdown display, in the current design, there is an optional grace period, and a further option to shutdown the slideshow.

      How would that translate to ‘per slide?’ I imagine the countdown would be per-slide. So, the question is what happens when the countdown gets to zero? Would there be an optional grace period and another option to force the slide show to move to the next slide?

      Keep in mind that PowerPoint already has a built in mechanism to move to the next slide after a pre-determined duration. How would that interact with the add-in’s ‘forced move to next slide?’ — or would it?

      And, how many would benefit from the feature being available in the add-in and in PowerPoint itself?

  6. Hi, I just tested your timer add-in and I think its really great, specially for the use in this company, but the only problem (a known one as I have read) is the one when in the slide we go backwards, teh countdown fails, have you found a solution to this issue?
    And to finish I have a question, maybe two, is there anyway to set 2 timers or more in one slide? so it countdown to the first part of the slide and so on until is finish?

    Regards and Thanks.

    • Thanks for the compliment, Nils.

      The problem with going backwards in the presentation is that PowerPoint doesn’t inform the add-in of the backward movement. So, the add-in gets “confused.” As of now, I don’t have a solution that works reliably.

      On the subject of multiple timers, this add-in was designed for the purpose of showing a single timer across all slides in the slideshow. I am working on another add-in that will show multiple timers on a single slide. Hopefully, it will be ready soon.

  7. Thanks a lot for the compliment. . .
    I installed an I will recommend it. However I am experiencing that the timer go faster in countdown that the real time. I have legal Win7 and office 2010.
    Should I change something in the setup?
    Thank you in advance.

    • One version, which was on my website for a day or two, had a programming error in it that caused the time to jump every minute. So, you may want to download the current version and verify that the countdown timer is now working correctly.

    • Hi Simon,

      Those features are already built into the add-in. Please check the documentation for more on how to use them. If there is anything specifically that is missing, please let me know and I’ll look into the feasibility of adding that feature.

  8. the timer does not display the correct time when one uses the PowerPoint ‘Back’ feature to return to a slide.
    did tis been solved ? ur addin is excellent , ans i really like to paypal on it….jus tis little problem…is it possible be solve?

    • This is an ongoing issue and is caused by the add-in not being informed by PowerPoint about the backward movements. I keep on hoping to come up with a solution to the issue but because the add-in cannot find out about the backward movement, it is not possible — yet — to correctly handle this behavior. But, with each release of PowerPoint I keep on hoping…

    • Thank you for your interest in the add-in. The design for this particular add-in focused on a single timer for the entire slideshow.

      I am working on another add-in that will provide a slide-by-slide capability. As of now, I don’t have a release date for it.

  9. Hi Tusher,

    I’m using your add-inn for about 5 years now and it’s just what I need.
    But… like Javier I’m also looking for it for use in PPT 2011 Mac.
    I’ve searched the internet for quite some time now to find a digital clock displaying IN my PPTX. No luck so far.
    Your add-inn is just what I need. It’s brilliant! and extremely easy to use. Thank you for that!

  10. I have paid via PayPal for your PowerPoint TM Timer,, however, the screen returned no “Registration Name” – the value was blank so when I go to get registration key I do not have the needed information. Can you please help?

  11. I could not get the PowerPoint Timer Add-In for Office 2010 to fully load. Only got the Randomize / Randomize Slideshow to be active under the TM Tab, which provided the About and Register (Key) option. I could not register without without a username and registration code, So I followed your instruction to Pay for License which it claimed would give me a registration key. No email message has been received with a registration key. Disappointing!!

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