Introducing TM Match Target

The TM Match Target add-in analyzes a list of numbers and finds combinations that sum to a given total. This has applications in a range of disciplines including processing receipts, reconciling payments such as health care insurance reimbursements or payments by a customer for many outstanding invoices, operations management and operations research, and supply change management.

There are a number of posts, easily found through Google or Bing, that address the same issue, including my own Find a set of amounts that match a target value. This add-in packages the analysis in an easy-to-use add-in, including a means to stop the analysis if it is taking too long and preserve the combinations found so far, and various options on what results should be shown.

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Tushar Mehta


    • My apology for the delay in replying.

      The limitation on using whole numbers is intentional and – you might already know this but if not – it is because computers have a hard time dealing with what is known as “floating point errors.”

      I hope to release a version of the add-in that somehow addresses the problem and if not at the very least alerts the consumer to the issue.

      In the meantime, if you have a fixed number of decimals (2 if you are dealing with currency amount), you can scale the numbers by 100, and then do the analysis. So, if your data are in A2:A{n} and B is empty, in B2 enter =A2*100, copy B2 as far down column B as you have data in A, similarly multiply the desired target by 100, and now use column B for the analysis.

      Same result and no floating point inaccuracy!

  1. Hi,
    I really liked your tool. It helped my a lot but if you can update your tool and add extra function which is extremly needed specialy for my need which is:
    Suppose I have a set of 100 random invoices. I know from these invoices there are THREE invoices which are of a value X. Currently the tool will try to match all possible matches. X can be 3 invoices or 5 invoices. which is not helpful for me as sometime the tool is providing more then 10,000 results.

    • Thank you for sharing how helpful the add-in has been. I look forward to your acquiring a license to it so that you can continue to use it. :)

      As far as the enhancement you want goes, I will consider it for a future release of the add-in. It will depend on the its usefulness to the larger customer community and, to a lesser extent, on the technical complexity. No promises, though, as to when, or even if, it will happen.

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