Protect a global variable in another VB project

Developers who have done any kind of programming with the Office 2007 (and later) Ribbon architecture have encountered almost certainly a scenario that resulted in the loss of their pointer to the ribbon. This happens because the ribbon object has to be stored in a global variable and any kind of unhandled error leads to a “loss of state,” which includes the loss of all global variables.

In I describe a way, first proposed by Rory Archibald, to save the handle to an object in an Excel cell (or named constant). That is an easy to implement and relatively self-contained approach.

At the same time, I wanted a solution that worked not only with Excel but also other applications such as PowerPoint and Word. I also wanted a solution that worked with variables other than objects declared outside of the VBA project. Consequently, I opted to use a separate add-in that did nothing more than save global variables in a VBA collection. While this requires coordination between two add-ins, the benefits include the ability to extend the solution to platforms other than Excel, the ability to save the state of any global, and also a solution that does not require a Windows API. This note documents such an approach.

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Tushar Mehta

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