VBA Code Cleaner for PowerPoint

For many years Rob Bovey has published his VBA Code Cleaner for Microsoft Excel.

Now, one can get VBA Code Cleaner for Microsoft PowerPoint.

It is a ‘brute force’ conversion of Rob’s work and the result is *very, very* lightly tested. So, please backup your PPT or PPTM file before using this add-in.

In the interest of getting this work into the hands of the community, there is no good installer or even documentation on how to install the add-in. But, since it is meant for the experienced developer, s/he should be comfortable installing the add-in.

Download the zip file and unzip the included files into a folder of your choice. I would recommend the AddIns folder on your machine.

In PP2007 or later load the add-in VBA CodeCleaner (Ribbon UI).ppam. Then select Developer tab | Maintenance group | Bovey’s Code Cleaner button.

In PP2003 or earlier load the add-in VBA CodeCleaner.ppa. Then, select Tools menu | Clean Project… menu item.

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