TM Directory Listing

The TM Directory Listing add-in, with over 4,000 downloads in the last 12 months, creates a table in Microsoft Excel of all the files and folders (also known as directories) in a specified directory. Several options control what is shown and it includes the capability of creating a outline. The result is easily extended to add hyperlinks or sort the data in different ways or filter the data according to custom requirements.

A typical table looks as shown in the 2 images below.

With the outline feature enabled, the result looks as below.


      • Hi WJ,

        Thank you for your interest in the add-in. The performance, by its very nature, is limited by how fast the add-in gets the necessary information from Windows.

        The code has seen several optimizations to improve performance and the latest version includes a dialog box that displays the directory that the add-in is currently processing together with a ‘Cancel’ button to cancel the currently running directory listing.

    • Hi LL: The other files should be in the add-ins directory. If they are not there it is possible that the security settings (enforced by Group Policy) disallowed the installation.

      But, before we jump to that conclusion, it is quite likely that the files are there and you only have to enable them. This is *intentionally* not done automatically because, well, because I hate it when someone else changes settings, particularly those associated with security, on my computer. ;-)

      You may want to check
      Common Installation Instructions for Office add-ins

    • Hi Brendan,

      Thank you for your appreciation of the add-in.

      I am looking into adding additional properties. The two big concerns are what properties of what kinds of files should the add-in include and the performance impact of retrieving this additional information.

      Whatever I can do I will. However, no promises as to when, or even if, that will happen.

  1. This plugin is great! Does even more than I needed, really nicely polished. My only question: is there any chance of making a version for Macs? I understand this would likely be quite an undertaking given the differences, but just thought I’d ask! The Windows version works great, but we run all Macs in my office so I’m forced to run this on our accounting laptop. :(

    • Thank you for the compliment. I hope to make it available on the Mac OS but as you’ve realized there are some incompatibilities between Windows and Mac OS that I have to resolve. So, while I hope to make this add-in available for Mac OS, no promises as to when or even if.

  2. In theory, this add-in looks exactly like what I need. I downloaded it (Excel 07), but when I add it to the ribbon, I do not get any options with it, only the Directory Listing Register choice. Any ideas?

  3. I have just downloaded and added the add-in to my Excel 2013 but I don’t seem to get the Listing option in the ‘directory listing’ drop down – just register and about. I never got a trail period? or is it because its excel 2013?

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