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When I mention the popularity of the TM Randomize Slideshow add-in (there have been 7,000 downloads of this PowerPoint add-in in the last 12 months) most people react with “Huh?” The obvious question that comes to mind is “why would anyone want to show their PowerPoint presentation slides in a random order? Turns out there are many reasons.

The latest version adds support for PowerPoint 2010 including the 64 bit version.


  1. Love this add-in for helping to teach my kids words, works as a flash card PPTX. Also love and needed the grouping option, this is great as I show a word and then the pic of the word. Only issue is you have to run the add-in options every time you show the presentation as it doesn’t save the functionality of it. You can save the file with the random selection it used but then it will use the exact same randomization it used when you saved it. Example, you run the add on and it goes slide, 4,6,8,2,5…… and then you save it, the next time you open it, if you don’t re-run the add one with your specified options, it will show the slides again as 4,6,8,2,5…. It doesn’t re-randomize it. I would love it could do that but I think it is a function of add-ins and MS Office, and not an option for the add-in itself. Overall great add in, seems a bit steep for $20.00 a computer just for randomizing but will have to bite the bullet.

  2. We’d like to use the randomizer to help our students study material during classroom breaks. We have a PPT menu with a link to the Q&A PPT file. I’ve set the Q&A slides to randomize, but each time, it uses the same random pattern. We would like a new random pattern each time the PPT opens in “show” mode, without any activity on the part of the instructor besides choosing the Q&A from the menu. Any advice?

  3. I am a public librarian and this add-in is totally worth $20 for me!
    Our summer reading program is called, “Dream Big, Read” and we decided to focus on astronomy/the night sky for the theme. As part of the program, each Wednesday we play educational Bingo with the families. I have taken the game “Stargo” and adapted it for PowerPoint. Each player will get a picture of a constellation from the game and they will mark off their “stars” until they get a STARGO. For example, the constellation Andromeda would require these stars to be called: 36, 23, 6, 21, 40, 12. The stars are categorized by color. Red stars are numbers 1 to 16, Green stars are numbers 17 to 30, and Blue Stars are numbers 30 to 48. So I made my PowerPoint with a colored and numbered star on each slide, no certain order. For 48 slides it took me about 2 hours, I am kind of slow. Then I was a desperate for a way to randomize the slides so that I didn’t have to make 7 more PowerPoints or so! to fill an hour’s worth of Bingo. Voila, I found this add-in on line and it works beautifully!! You probably never heard of such a “far out” application but I am SO thrilled about this. Thank you SO MUCH! (I also do frequent slide presentations of our library and I will be using the randomizer on those, too. Thank you!)

  4. As a third year law student, I have used Tushar’s randomizer for quite some time. I vary it a bit. I create a deck of PowerPoint slides with everything I need to memorize, then I add an animation box to the slide covering what I need to memorize. The fact everything is in random order ensures an even “memorization distribution.” Also, once I learn a flash card, I can just right-click and “hide” the slide from the deck. I’ve also used the randomizer while an undergrad, which helped me memorize various information. It’s a good investment for anyone investing in their education!

  5. I have received a registration key, but the add-in is not working. When I select the tab to use the add-in, I am only provided with the options of “About” and “Register.” I have registered with the key, so how do I get the add-in to function properly?

  6. Hi Maureen, Thank you for acquiring a license to the add-in. As I mentioned in my email response, click on the large button to access the main dialog box — in the image below it is highlighted in light red. Use the dropdown arrow to access the support functions Register… and About…

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