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Highlight row and column of active cell

By default, when the user selects a cell, Excel highlights the row and column by changing the color of the associated row and column headers. This tip shares multiple ways to highlight the row and column in more obvious ways as well as a way to highlight the cell in a specific column in the […]

In an userform list all available fonts

The motivation for this tip was to share how to 1) dynamically add controls to a userform 2) respond to events for these controls, and 3) specifically respond to events using a callback procedure that is located in another class module! Since this may come across as a fairly technical topic, this tip utilizes the […]

Introducing TM Retro Slicer

Those who have used a slicer in Excel 2010 slicer may want to see that capability in earlier versions of Excel. I like what Microsoft did with slicers in 2010 and have wanted to extend that capability backwards. For those who haven’t used a slicer, it is a filter on a particular pivot field shown […]

How to chart a Normal distribution in Excel

I updated ‘Drawing a Normal curve,’ one of the more popular pages of my website, to include instructions that use the Ribbon UI, correct discrepancies, and clarify some of the steps in graphing a plot of a normal distribution. For more please visit — Tushar Mehta

Introducing TM Match Target

The TM Match Target add-in analyzes a list of numbers and finds combinations that sum to a given total. This has applications in a range of disciplines including processing receipts, reconciling payments such as health care insurance reimbursements or payments by a customer for many outstanding invoices, operations management and operations research, and supply change […]