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Excel Mashup #2

Following up on the previous post ( I extended the capability to create a Polar plot using a 2nd worksheet in the same workbook. The consumer provides graph parameters, including the graph type, using HTML form controls. The graph is in an Excel workbook. Graph any Excel formula in a XY (Cartesian) chart or a […]

Excel Mashup #1

Recently, Microsoft introduced a way to create a “mashup” using Excel. Fellow MVP, Jan Karel, put together a tutorial on how he created his first mashup. It helped me understand the basics, which are also well explained by Microsoft itself. In my case, for a long, long time I have wanted to draw any graph […]

No more Google Adsense ads on my website – at least for now

For several years now, Google has shown ads on my website and when someone clicked on one of the ads, it shared with me some of the revenue it earned. For some time now I have had the impression that the Adsense revenues have been in decline – mine, not Google’s. {grin} So, earlier this […]