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Same function different add-ins

Ever since Microsoft introduced the ribbon and I did my initial development work with it, an open issue has been how to handle the case where two, or more, add-ins offer the same functionality. One scenario is when the feature is something required for the larger functionality offered by an add-in. Here’s an example. The […]

Ease of reuse of modular code

The primary reason I write modular code is that it is self-documenting, easy to understand, and easy to maintain. A secondary reason is the ease of reuse. One of the comments to my post Two new range functions: Union and Subtract ( was a request for code to copy a range from one worksheet to […]

Save a global variable in an Excel workbook

Developers who have done any kind of programming with the Office 2007 (and later) Ribbon architecture have encountered almost certainly a scenario that resulted in the loss of their pointer to the ribbon. This happens because the ribbon object has to be stored in a global variable and any kind of unhandled error leads to […]

Office 2010 VBA

Microsoft made several changes to VBA in Office 2010, all of them targeted at the one major change in the Office 2010 architecture, i.e., the availability of 64-bit Office applications. This note summarizes how the changes affect developers. I imagine there is a comprehensive list somewhere in the universe but I could not find […]

Highlight matches to the current cell

I came across a very reasonable request from someone who wanted to see which entries in a list matched those in the current cell ( While the original request dealt with names, I abstracted the problem into a set of numbers. Column A in Figure 1 is one list of numbers. Column C represents a […]