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The aim: to ensure that all research papers resulting from work they fund are made immediately freely available on the internet. Here institutions are asked to commit to paying an annual fee to a publisher, with the aim of pooling sufficient funds to cover the costs of making all the papers in a journal open access.

If you are a content creator or influencer with a massive following and receive a link about joining such a role, do not click it right away. Instead, find out who sent the message. Most trusted companies reach out to influencers through their official accounts, so be cautious if you receive this offer from a random user. In case you've already applied to a fake job offer using your personal information, you can't go back and discard it. However, you can avoid further damage by freezing your bank accounts and credit cards, informing the authorities about the leak, and staying vigilant against phishing emails and phone calls.

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[Image] Get it from Amazon for $6. A strapless bra with adjustable straps so you can go with anything.

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