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Understanding the ParamArray

The ParamArray argument makes it possible for a procedure (a function or a subroutine) to accept an arbitrary number of arguments, each of a possibly different type. This enables the developer to write a function that will work with one or two or however many arguments that the user of the function passes to it. […]

A Binary Clock in Excel

A binary clock, or more accurately a binary-coded decimal clock, shows each digit in binary. I first saw one at a friend’s place and it served as an interesting ice breaker. The below image is from Excel. Specifically, it is an Excel chart, though most would be hard pressed to recognize it as such. It […]

Two Dimensional (i.e., Two Variable) Lookup

There have been several requests in various forums to look up data in a two dimensional (2D) table. This documents a couple of the more typical requests. The first requirement is to find the entry at the intersection of a particular value of the first column and the first row. For example, look up the […]

Cardinal (i.e., real) numbers and a log scale for a Column chart x-axis

The x-axis of a Column chart can contains either category values (the x values are equidistant) or dates. Neither of these allows for a truly numeric x axis. This tip shows how to simulate a column chart that has cardinal numbers on the x axis (cardinal numbers contain a sense of ‘distance’ – e.g., 97 […]