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Introducing TM Retro Slicer beta 1

Those who have used an Excel 2010 slicer may have wanted to see that capability in earlier versions of Excel. I like what Microsoft did with slicers in 2010 and wanted to extend that capability backwards. For those who haven’t used a slicer, it is a filter on a particular pivot field shown as an […]

Add userform controls on the fly

For a version in a page by itself (i.e., not in a scrollable iframe as below) visit Add userform items on the fly.shtml Tushar Mehta

Introducing TM Tornado

Tornado diagrams graphically display the result of single-factor sensitivity analysis. This lets one evaluate the risk associated with the uncertainty in each of the variables that affect the outcome. Single-factor analysis means that we measure the effect on the outcome of each factor, one at a time, while holding the others at their nominal (or […]