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Bushy Trees

A favorite peeve of mine is code with “bushy trees.” I first saw this phrase in Kernighan and Plauger’s Elements of Programming Style. Recently, I saw some code that checked if a RefEdit control referred to a single cell that contained a non negative integer. I cleaned up the formatting some since the original indentation […]

Automatically identify rows with an empty attribute

In a social.answers forum, Sue asked if there was a way to automatically copy rows that had a blank value in a particular column. See As a fan of using SQL, particularly through MS Query, I came up with the following. Suppose we have a table with 3 columns, with a few empty values […]

Regular chart version of a sparkline

In one of the web forums (Microsoft’s replacement for the newsgroups no longer hosted on its own server) someone wanted to see a regular chart version of a sparkline when s/he clicked on the cell. I thought that was an interesting idea since one can see much more detail in a large object than […]

TM Plot

The TM Plot add-in has undergone a major “behind the scenes” change. The default mechanism to specify a cell range in a userform has been the RefEdit control. However, some change Microsoft made in the recent past has resulted in some reports of problems with that control. Also, the control, while very useful, has not […]

Lightening colors

On an ongoing project, I had to create lighter shades of a color. Since we were working with Excel 2007, I decided to use Range.Interior.TintAndShade to achieve the desired result. TintAndShade is a number between -1 and 1 that lightens or darkens a color. Initial tests showed it seemed to work fine. In the image […]