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RIP Live Mesh, hello Cubby

Recently, I have had to make changes to my “computing infrastructure.” This is one of them.   For the longest time I synchronized files between my laptop and desktop with the help of a flash drive. Then, I discovered Groove but it didn’t really fit the bill and I don’t remember why. It was on […]

The 2012 Financial Modeling World Championships I “pre registered” even though there’s not a lot of information on the site. For example, I could not find any information about the organizers, nor could I find any motivational details other than “The prize pool…will include cash, interviews with leading global Financial Institutions, product giveaways and more.” Neither is there any information […]

Survey on Excel use

An INFORMS SPRIG email contained a request for a survey on Excel use from Abigail Rose Rebello, a graduate student at Cardiff, who needs the responses for her dissertation. It took me under 10 minutes, interrupted by 2 phone calls, to complete the survey. From the email I received: — quote — Understanding Spreadsheet Usage […]

How to chart a Normal distribution in Excel

I updated ‘Drawing a Normal curve,’ one of the more popular pages of my website, to include instructions that use the Ribbon UI, correct discrepancies, and clarify some of the steps in graphing a plot of a normal distribution. For more please visit — Tushar Mehta

A winner of the Microsoft BI PowerView contest

Microsoft’s BI group is running a contest on using PowerView to answer business questions about one of its demo datasets. More than anything it’s knowing how to use the PowerView GUI to build the appropriate query because the winner is the first person to reply with the correct answer. In any case, I won today’s […]

No more Google Adsense ads on my website – at least for now

For several years now, Google has shown ads on my website and when someone clicked on one of the ads, it shared with me some of the revenue it earned. For some time now I have had the impression that the Adsense revenues have been in decline – mine, not Google’s. {grin} So, earlier this […]

Office 2010 VBA

Microsoft made several changes to VBA in Office 2010, all of them targeted at the one major change in the Office 2010 architecture, i.e., the availability of 64-bit Office applications. This note summarizes how the changes affect developers. I imagine there is a comprehensive list somewhere in the universe but I could not find […]

Highlight matches to the current cell

I came across a very reasonable request from someone who wanted to see which entries in a list matched those in the current cell ( While the original request dealt with names, I abstracted the problem into a set of numbers. Column A in Figure 1 is one list of numbers. Column C represents a […]

Password Userform Module

This was inspired by Dick Kusleika’s post Masking Passwords ( It’s an enhanced version of DK’s approach in the sense that the same userform module supports both entering a new password as well as entering a password for confirmation. There are other enhancements. The user can choose to either mask or unmask the password. The […]

How to retire after selling one copy of a book

Amazon seller lists book at $23,698,655.93 — plus shipping which references Amazon’s $23,698,655.93 book about flies — Tushar Mehta